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Our story,

started in 1987 in Ankara.

We relocated our center to Istanbul and continued our way with the freshness of being the first catering company of Turkey. We have added our professional and experienced touches of years to our amateur spirit and disciplined point of view and we continue to organize distinguished events as Elchyn Catering so far.

On this long journey we progress, we have organized events of many diplomatic missions, many companies and banks in Turkey and around the world and we are very appraised and appreciated. We touched to hearts of many couples with the service we delivered on their most special day. We organized many unforgettable celebrations, grand openings, invitations and events.

We would like to demonstrate our services, experience and quality of our taste in our premises to our esteemed guests whom we have always hosted in their premises away from our center within the scope of outside catering. In this process, we have organized very special events as Elchyn Catering in Tepe Majeur- Bizimtepe and French Gardens, and we still continue our way with great enthusiasm.

With the objective of being a brand in their fields and to provide a more elite service, we have created two sister companies namely, Elchyn Expo, which serves only exhibition organizations and Seyyar Tatlar, which serves in the form of modern street foods.

Our principle is to blend our experience with contemporary, to provide a striking service and to serve you an enjoyable and successful event.

"You are worth it . The value we give you is our inspiration. "

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